Case study


When our team met decisions makers at SRIHM they had a great vision, best in class facilities for students with resources to envy for, backed by a giant organisation offering quality Hospitality & Culinary graduate programs. Simply opening the doors and waiting for students to walk-in is a dream that cannot be a reality if you don’t work to make it one.

Located at densely populated suburb it had the advantage of masses but was equally disadvantaged competing against well established institutes. It was virtually invisible making it challenging to reach the masses with required aggression considering the time limitations.
Without a proven track record or establishing a trust among prospective students was another challenge.

We built the brand ground up. We started with collecting all the content, resources and information and transforming it into a website that expressed expertise, experience & grandness to create trust, engagement and curiosity for potential visitors. The next step was to get the word out and reach the audience through the sources they trust. The image building and reputation management plan was launched to create presence similar to well establish competition along with the touch points to facilitate conversation.

SRIHM become the talk of the town within few days from the launch during admission season. The user attention grabbed and engagement created chewed on the major chunk of the pie instantly placing them on the map of well reputed hotel institutes in the region.

The campaign results

* 3000% ROI

* 90% conversion rate in the very first year

* Online queries and walk-ins

Our relationship with SRIHM is flourishing, new programs are being added every year to keep up with the demand from industry and the students. The deployed resources are being utilized to the maximum justifying the ROI like never before.