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In today’s complex world of distractions and nano attention spans it has become increasingly challenging to capture and hold the attention of the always abuzz youngsters. With the changing life style their media consumption has shifted to on demand information. As its difficult to follow broadcast content so brands are left with two choices first being on demand marketing like search engine marketing and second being in the face marketing like display or social advertising. To create the right brand connect we follow a strategy which unfolds via various phases as below



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Understanding the business and the idea behind it, is the first and most crucial part of our research. Then comes the consumers – audience, the actual people for whom the product or service is created & developed; then the market conditions in which the business is operating -competitors, industry/sector sentiments and the economic conditions.

We believe every business is unique and so are its needs; hence the research is conducted on individual basis for every client. The modus operandi depends on the nature of research and its objective.


It’s always better to test the waters before diving heads on. Surveys gives you insights into the minds of your consumers and help you create a sound marketing strategy after assessing the results. It helps you with the grass root level information and it doesn’t have to be elaborate, sometimes just a dipstick survey solves the purpose.

Focus groups/interviews:

Focus groups give you a perfect beta testing environment to assess the perceptions, opinions, belief, service, concept, advertisement, idea and/or packaging of a product or a service. It allows you to carry out an experiment in a controlled environment to safeguard you and your brand from any unforeseen complications.

Brand Audits:

A fundamental understanding of where your brand stands, is the first step taken in the right direction. The objectives can be varying from re-branding to marketing or employee sentiment. Type is audit depends on these needs and can be internal audits (positioning, USP, values culture etc.), external audits (identity, collaterals, etc. ) and systems audit (standards, HR policies, sales & customer services processes)

Competitive analysis:

Competitive analysis is the most crucial part of any marketing strategy. It assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors and provides insights for both offensive and defensive marketing strategy. The analysis involves various stages which includes competitor profiling, media scanning & threat assessment.

Website analysis:

Your website is a gateway into your brand. website audits generally have two major objectives -It can be done from a marketing perspective to understand visitor behavior and convert them to actionable points to improve the UX. Website audits can also be done from a technical perspective to improve its positioning on SERPs which eventually improves awareness, reach & sales.



Position – Where do you want to be?

We help clients to rethink and reposition their brand based on the insights collected. Guide them in positioning themselves in the market by creating a brand architecture leading up to being the market leaders based on the pillars of Promise, Trust, Loyalty & Kaizen.

We make all this achievable by converting the actionable points derived from the research into an integrated marketing plan and implementing & executing the same with right sets of tools, tactics, expertise & experience.



Create – What will you look like

Educational institutes are generally subdued due to the nature of operation and organisation. Our integrated marketing plans based on connect bring you closer to your audience and facilitate the conversation.

The tête-à-têtes brings out the humane side of the organisation. The custom messages as per the positioning builds the character, gives it a persona and reinforces it on the audience through well thought execution strategies.



Implement – How will you get there

A learner’s journey in deciding an institute is a long one and involves multiple channels and factors. We create touchpoints to interact with researcher at every level of his journey and create an experience for them. This shortens the conversion cure and increases the rate of conversion. All it needs is an expertise in the execution and we have ROIs as high as 3000% to showcase the same. We achieve these results with our integrated marketing communication channels.

Social Media Management

Website Engagement

Media creation

Multi-Channel Advertising

Targeted Television Commercials

And a lot of magical complementary services.

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