Case study


During the initial research and interactions we were delighted to know that IISM is a pioneer in sports management offering exclusive quality programs, advanced and ahead of time on a flip side it meant undeveloped market limited awareness leading to low understanding and trust.

On studying the interest levels and demand for programs it was evident that there was a huge base of students & sports professionals who ever interested in the program to make their passion into career, but there was no awareness about the programs offered as it was a niche and not affiliated to any university.

There were limitations in terms of budget and human resource as the institute was not doing good, hence there was a need to optimize the resources to fullest. This eliminated the opportunity to spread awareness on a larger scale and create a buzz. We devised a search and social based strategy to reach the precise audience and engage with them for higher rate of conversion. Prospects were engaged on online platforms for initial counselling on mass as well as individual basis for specific queries to filter the qualified audience.

IISM achieved 100% enrollment for the first time. People wanted to be connected to sports appreciated the initiative and program.

The statistics

* 1100% ROI

* 100% enrollment

* 70% qualified audience

* User engagement established for the first time