Case study


They were ahead of time when they started, yet were reaching a stage of stagnation where there were immense possibilities of growth. The focus was on developing programs like any other educational body but brand possibilities were unexplored. EMDI was yet to embrace the transformations happening around and keep up with the pace at which the youth was moving.

Upon our initial research we observed that they severely lacked visibility and it was almost impossible to know about them or their programs through any common mediums of communication, which was resulting in negative awareness and reach. On probing further it was discovered that there was a lot going on inside the institute culturally and in terms of program development, but hidden from the eyes of their audience… There was a dire need to establish channels of communication and create visibility primarily and then quickly moving on to creating a brand by narrating a story visually & through messages, making the audience an integral part of EMDI and come out to the world as a leader in vocational programs catering to media communications.

A deep dive into the historical data. Group meetings and interviews from bottom up, insights from researches, surveys & studies led to the understanding of admission process and user behaviour. A strategy was formulated based on the data collected from the these activities for various channels of communication and reach, interactive touch points ie; Web, Social, Search & Mobile to attain the objectives derived & defined from our research.

The unmatched, unprecedented, never seen before – but visualised by Edify results surpassed all goals & expectations. Our expertise and proven techniques like improving site navigation, content & design to suite the audience combined with search & social drivers and our supplementary tools of conversation and conversion to create an experience significantly changed the world for EMDI.

After first season

* 800% ROI was achieved

* Admissions increased by 300%

* Audience visit to site increased by 10 times

* Time spent on site increased by 300%

* User engagement established for the first time

Edify helped EMDI to reach the masses and forced many to consider the brand for the first time by bringing out its core strengths and positioning them as the leaders.