Native advertising plays an important role in digital marketing team. It is an advertising method where the advertisers attempt to gain attention by providing content in context of the users experience. Native ad formats match both the form and function of the user experience in which they are placed. The intent of the advertiser is to make paid advertising less intrusive and thus increase the likelihood that the users will click on it.

Native advertising can take a form of a promoted tweet or a Linkedin sponsored post within a users content or in their newsfeed. You can identify by the indication of  a sponsored post . The degree to which different platforms highlight its sponsored post varies widely.

Sponsored content and branded content are more complex in nature.

Should higher education marketers care?

1 ) Native advertising works better than banner advertising. Native ads get 15-45 times higher click through, 18 times more spent on content, 10 times more engagement and 50% higher purchase content.

2) Native advertising options are exploding.

3 ) More than 50 % of consumers (as per research) say that they don’t trust sponsored content.  More than 66% of consumers have felt deceived when they realized an article or video was brand – sponsored.

Due to these reasons, a wide swatch of higher education marketing is moving into native advertising.