Every month, there are over 100 billion searches on Google, providing access to a vast and interested audience. Understanding how people search at different points in their purchase journey opens the door for brand marketers to engage this new audience. Leading advertisers are using search to capitalize on new and existing consumer trends, driving awareness and sales at just the right moments.Use search to provide audiences with what they want, when they want it.


Search – Intention meets action


Build Trust

Search has fundamentally redefined how we find and use information. It’s become so reflexive, so essential that you can’t miss it. Driving awareness & sales being its core value, the hidden data reflects collective interests and intents, category trends, geographic patterns, new ways to promote a product, or a new product line altogether.We take you up there, collect and analyse data to unpack deeper insights.


Create Recall

It has become a vital channel for driving conversions and direct response. Combines with organic results search ads enhance top-of-mind awareness and unaided brand awareness. The perfect blend of category keywords, top ad slots, correct messaging (via ad copies & landing pages) we reach your interested audience at the moments that matter and drive cost effective conversions.


Social Search

In this digital era power is with people, consumers have an opinion and tools to voice it & share it with the world. It’s virtually impossible to track & control every conversation about your brand – Good or bad. We track and monitor these conversations on your behalf, filter it the good &
spread & share across media, dump the not so good under the pile of search results and make your brand shine always (Well almost always).


Go Local

Always at your fingertips, The mobile search is growing. Brands are leveraging mobile to create a seamless user experience for all. 70% of mobile searchers use click to call connecting them instantly to the brand closest to them with the help of GPS enabled devices promoting local business. Mobile ads poses unique challenges like responsive sites, limited ad space and special optimization requirements which needs to be handled with a difference.