With the advent of internet, each one of us have a power to share opinions & thoughts. It is compelling institutes to deliver the promises in a best possible manner. Information spreads rapidly and new opinions are formed based on the information available online. A simple search on Google or social media platforms might reveal many facets of your institute which are beyond your knowledge and control.

ORM – Take control of your online reputation


Cleaning the past

You might not be online but the students are. A lot might have been said about you that is harming your reputation without you being aware of it. We research and track all that has been talked about you online, we classify as the conversation as negative / positive / neutral / informational decide the line of action clean the negatives, enhance the positive answer the queries to put at the forefront of online conversations.


Be Informed | search engine optimization firm

You cannot control what people say about you across the internet reaching billions of people; but being informed in time lets you control the damage caused or even turn it into a positive experience. We take charge of conversations about YOU by listening to your audience across the internet, with the help of tools and alerts to act upon the same immediately and cease the fire before it spreads.


Get in touch

Upon finding a conversation about you (Negative or Positive) we try to engage the user engage to resolve the issue by understanding the reason for disappointment and resolve the issue to appear as a caring brand or start a healthy and happy conversation in case of positive mentions to create relationships leading to brand loyalty & evangelism. These conversations give a humane touch to a brand with whom people would like to connect.


Setting the sail

We analyse the conversations to understand the sentiments and thought process of your audience and take out the crucial points to be used for improving and developing better image and reputation, enhance programs, procedures and policies. The research data forms the core of future conversations & planning, open new growth avenues, keeps the brand upto date in this fast moving internet age.