The student decision journey has moved online. One in ten prospective students now search exclusively online for classes and programs, (a Google and Compete study). To tap digital opportunities, institutes need to reach students in the right channels using cross platform campaigns- and look beyond traditional enrollment periods – with a constant presence online.The overall demand for education is strong. Education-related search queries are growing year-on-year. However there is a need to effectively use the tools to capture that demand.



Digital Campaigns – Follow your audience to create an experience


Behavioral Targeting

Audience is always at the core of every marketing plan, strategy, concept & campaign as conversations create connect only when you strike a chord with your conversational partner. We assess the audience behaviour based on multiple components & studies. Affinity targeting allows you to find your most qualified audience which eventually results in better conversion with the available resources.


The Right Mix

The length of the customer journey, in both number of days and number of interactions, in education require substantial research. It’s a complex purchase leading to longer paths and larger purchase values. We choose channels & messaging as ‘Assisting & Last interaction’ (Direct, social, organic search, paid search, referral, email, display) based on the path & average order value (AOV) along with the decision making time.


Custom Tailoring

One size doesn’t fit all in digital. Launching a campaign in controlled environment allows you to analyse better and resist wastage. Adapting to findings from analysis makes the campaign stronger by intensifying the efforts ensuring better results. We do this by tracking the essentials by segmenting the traffic for conversions & acquisitions and measuring what’s important across channels & beyond.


FIlling The Gap

The marketing channels & platforms are only the tools, the humane touch is what makes the difference. The connect between the brand & it’s audience culminates into a lasting relationship. Our value added services are perfect complements to the marketing mix. Make the purchase curve shorter and create experiences that transform the trade to loyalty and evangelism. Contact us to know more.