Linkedin has recently announced the introduction of three new tools for students which are Decision Boards, University Outcome Rankings and University Finder. The goals is to help students decide everything from where to attend college and figuring out out how to launch their careers after graduation.

Decision Boards is a decision-making tool meant to help students share their evolving thought process with and request input from trusted advisors. They can also meet future classmates for inspiration even before stepping on campus. This tool is means for organizing, socializing and gathering insight. It’s useless unless you know which schools you are considering.

University outcome rankings helps in showing which schools are best at launching graduates into desirable jobs. LinkedIn analyzes millions of alumni profiles to find out how schools around the world stack up across various careers. LinkedIn claims “these are the first rankings using alumni career outcomes to rank schools for specific careers.” In near future, it plans to add up more countries and categories.

University finder make searching for schools a more personalized experience for students.  It basically uses graphs based on future career each student imagines for himself / herself.